Sunday, 20 May 2007

Moto baby!

Well a mixed weekend this one, i travelled over to Liverpool to buy a van on Saturday, a van which sounded to be an absolute pearler, it turned out to be a 3 hour train journey to a pile of shit, and a real shady car salesman. I was so dissapointed, I was really sold on it, I spoke to the guy so much during the week, he sounded legit and the van sounded an absolute steal. Maybe too much of a steal! I was so mad at him for lying to me, and so let down. I'd planned to pick my van up drive over to Preston and do gates and see my friends in the North, then pootle back to Sheffield to show of my new van, instead, i had to purchase another single ticket for my journey home, and return empty handed.

I'm glad i walked away from it, and i'm glad i gave the rogue salesman a piece of my mind!

Saturday night i just chilled out, had an hour at the Bolehills which was good fun, and helped me to relax.

Sunday, was a complete contrast to Saturday, i had such an awesome day! Warren picked me up nice and early and we headed out to Worksop to ride motocross! It was freakin' amazing! I have never ridden a motorbike before, so i had a lot to get to grips with, and on my 3rd go i pulled away and rode round this large field with the biggest grin on my face. The power you have to hand is frightening! The acceleration is incredible and the feeling of flying along on the bike is like nothing i've ever experienced before!

I did some basic stuff like pulling off, changing gears, cornering and getting my foot out and accelerating out of turns, it was such an awesome feeling and i was so stoked Warren gave me the opportunity to get out there and do it. Amazing!

By the end of the day i was having it wide open in 3rd gear, and it was so fast. They say you should scare yourself at least once a day. I think i got a years worth down today!

The rest of the afternoon was amazing too, it involved an iced coffee, a lamb lunch, lots of laughing, a salad and more laughing and 2 hours at Bolehills. Dreamy.

Bournemouth national is next weekend, I ain't skeered! I'll be more on it i think. I know where i went wrong at Cheddar, so i shan't be making those mistakes again.

See you there!

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Wazza said...

Awesome dude! today you experienced a feeling that will stay with you for the rest of your life.