Monday, 4 June 2007

A flat spot..

Well it's been a while since my last blog, things have been difficult as late. A lot of changes in my life and a lot going on here, there and everywhere. But I feel as though I have clambered over what was in front of me and things are looking okay again. The Bournemouth weekend was a complete wash out, in more ways than one. Heavy rain caused the double header national to be cancelled both days. Saturday night was no clips racing which still had the good weather on it's side. The racing was fun, although my heart wasn't in it, i made it through motos easily with a 2 and a 3. Into the quarter i drew a pretty hard one, and an outside gate, the odds were against me, and from the get go i struggled, into turn one i was no where near a vital top 4 spot, i still rode it hard and gave it my all until the line, but i finished 6th. So that was me out. The racing was good and i'm happy that Bournemouth got to see all there hard work get some good use. They did well as a club and put many hours into the prepartion, but we do live in England, and sometimes the weather can put a stop on things. I hope they come back and put in a for a national again, as its a good vibe down there.

So the rest of the weekend was a nightmare, rain, high winds, more rain and a tent in the middle of a water logged field. Lauren and I made the best of the bad situation and we got along and kept ourselves occupied during the days, the drive back to Sheffield monday morning wasn't too long either, which was a bonus.

My riding i feel has taken a back seat recently, i've been pre-occupied and my heart doesn't seem to be in it. Even my life coach can't cheer me up!

I did however sort myself out a van and she's a beauty, a V plate Mercedes Vito and it's an absolute pearler! I picked her up on Friday and i'm so stoked with it! :)

This weekend I had a works do playing paintball on Saturday and it was real good fun, although i think i've decided its not good for you! I have many a bruise a dead leg and a really sore elbow from all my action man diving and hero moves! it was good fun, and i'm glad i went! I got to shoot up some shit! Braaap!

On sunday i burnt some Merc rubber and headed dowen to Peterborough for their regional it wasn't that well attended (140 riders) considering they have a double header there in 2 weekes time, but in masterclass there were 27 riders so by no means an easy ride. I was exhausted and struggled through the day, my legs felt as if they were going to sieze up on me! I managed a 2 3 2 in motos and made it to the semi final, I think they were quite evenly balanced, and neither were going to be easy, I drew lane 1, got a good gate and Tuffy was in 2 he pulled me into the first turn and Jason Jessop was on my outside and he was pulling hard, Jonny Roberts was in the mix, but they went high in the turn and i swooped beneath to pull in the 4 spot behind Tuffy, Alan Hill and Shaun Andrews, i held my line and rode a smooth lap to make the main. This is what i neeeded!

I felt a lot better after that. So i was in the main, i got lane 7 which was poo and i had Andy Shaw in lane 8 and shaun Andrews in 7, 2 guys with great gates and a lot of power. I gave it everything but Shaun got loose as a goose on the step up and squeezed me out i was in about 6th here, i rode the first turn, boosted the new big set and was feeding off the dust at the back of the pack! Awesome! I had a good 3rd straight and railed into the last turn where i thought i'd nail the rider in front and get a 7th, but then i noticed it was Andy so backed off, he's a cool guy and being a regional and the 7 spot, i thought i'd chill on that one!

So 8 out of 27 and a place in the main with 4 elite riders and some heavy hitters from the 19+ class, so i was stoked.

Lauren rode great all day even though her thumb is giving her some grief still from that nasty crash at Cheddar. She rode strong though and in the B main in 15-16 boys she surprised everyone by nailing the step up and pulling a considerable lead, she ended up taking the win from the lads, and from Ria, emily and Katie, who currently lead Lauren out in the national series. Peterborough nationals will allow Lauren to claw back some vital points and show dem girls how ting is done!


So, things have picked up over a course of a few days. My head hurts still, and i ache. This week in work will be hell and i doubt i'll get much riding down, but it'll give my body time to recover, i've been on the limit for a while and burning the candle at both ends is never good over a long period. We'll see how things go!

Dan, the yellow van man.

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