Monday, 11 June 2007

Weekend's tribulations, perils and disasters!

Well a great weekend.. Sort of!

Friday night after my last late finish at work i hit the Bolehills on my new Standard 125r, its absolutely wonderful! Felt just like the MX20 although a bit stiffer and noticably lighter but i also had the shimano DXR cranks and brake set up fitted, so that have shaved off some weight too - it looks big pimping! Lauren over and we hung out and watched some TV and had some good food, just a chilled one I seriously needed it after the heavy week at work, man 11 hours days suck!

We woke up Saturday morning did the recycling for 51JR and hit Tesco for big shop, then headed over to Rotherham for a session, its really good, Jim Batey and some of the Rotherham local yoots have done an amazing job, smooth as silk, fun, fast, deep and technical, everything it needs to be! We ended up doing almost 5 hours in the sun, i got a bit burnt, but it'll brown off right?!

Saturday night not a lot went down, Lauren headed back to Derby and i hung out with Alec and tried to steal photoshop CS3 with no luck.. haha, the sods. I went to bed feeling tired but happy, i'd had such an awesome ride and it's what i needed!

I got up Sunday and headed over to Peterborough, and met with Dave Ives, Twarn and Speedy Ready, these guys together are comedic geniuses! I had such a funny day! We rode hard and i felt super fast and got the straights dialled in. The national is there this weekend and Peterborough track has been good to me before in racing, so i'm hyped to do well. I raced there 2 weeks back and my gates and pull felt alright but i felt much better this weekend. Guess the time off the bike in the week helped me a little!

Come and get it Bishop!

Lauren came over and we had a couple of hours riding with everyone, I have her down for the national double win next weekend. Don't let me down! ;)

Her mum and dad hooked us up a nice BBQ afterward and it was exactly what i needed - Thanks guys!

I stayed at Laurens in Derby on Sunday night and after the mad dog attacked me on numerous occassions and we had a little walk it was time for bed, which happened to be sketchier than John Hibbert on a BMX bike, it collapsed in the middle of the night, but you know when you wake up and there is no way you can be bothered to get up to fix it, well it was like that so we slept at 45 degrees for the night, i felt a little stiff the next morning!

I then drove back to Sheffield and at junction 27 I thought to myself i'd call in on Mansfield and have an hour, so i did, literally at the slip road to the round about some silly old mare pulled off and then proceeded to stop, i rear ended her, smashing my bumper, crushing my rad and doing a few more bits too.


My insurance were hot though and they stepped in real quick, hooked me up a courtesy vehicle and took the Vito in for repair, i'm hoping to get it back within 2 weeks which would be awesome. I just can't believe it.

I spent the day sorting that out, and had 2 hours at the Bolehills which cheered me up a treat, and the messages. Thank you.

So, a wank end to an awesome weekend, but it'll be reet i'm sure.. Bloody hell.

This week gates at mansfield tomorrow, Rotherham Wednesday, Bolehills thursday then super chill out to get my A game in faction for Peterborough.

T'ra x

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