Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rain rain go away

Sheesh kebabs! What a torrent we've had up here in Sheffield.. I think everywhere has had it bad, but if you been watching the news at all you'll have seen how bad someparts of Sheffield were. I feel for the businesses that have suffered, the homes destroyed and the possessions of some people taken away from them. And the few that died, mother nature is one tough bitch when she wants to be. Pretty awe inspiring but puts into perspective how weak we are against it.

Another thing I want to mention is Stephen Murrays awful crash at the Dew Tour this weekend gone, I've never met Stephen, but I know his brother Martin a little, and watching these guys ride is inspiring. Stephen had a tough time in the states when he first moved there, plauged with injury in all of the contests he entered, then a few years back everything clicked into place and he nailed everything, X-Games, Dew Tours, the lot, he killed BMX dirt jumping. He took it to another level. He then went off to pursue other things have time with his young family and just chill on it. But came back last weekend to compete in the Dew Tour dirt comp, he qualified 4th, which was amazing against the riders that hadn't left the scene. In the 1st of his final runs he attempted a double back flip, a move he has dialled, but something went wrong and he came short, he landed on his head and crushed 3 of his vertabrae. Completely paralysing him from the waist down, Doctors also feared the injury could worsen rendering him paralysed from the neck down. But over the last couple of days and after some extensive neuro-surgery he has been moving his fingers, his shoulders and his hands. The BMX community are united over this and are all sending positive vibes to the Murrays, especially Stephen, who is an amazing bike rider, and person. I will him to get through this thing.

The weekend over in these shores was alright, heavy rain nailed Bolehills again, but I had an awesome day up there on Saturday digging and riding and hanging out with a few people, i was up there for almost 8 hours and i got a lot done, it was looking pretty awesome! I had a cool day and it set me up for a good session over at Coppull track on the Sunday, the track was riding great, although the gate was slippy as hell - (damnit!) The first straight is nuts with quite possibly the biggest step up ever built, i had a few runs and felt like i had enough speed, i jumped it and landed so short it was a surprise i didn't fold my bike in 2! I attempted it again and i was spinning like mad! I hit the jump faster and pulled hard on the bars and i was over - it was awesome! Apparently only 10 or so have done it, i feel stoked to be in the 10! The natioanl is there next weekend and i'm glad i got the track dialled in already, its always good to have one less thing to worry about!

Sunday night I went to see my brother from another Will, we just hung out had a couple of beers and watched a movie, pretty awesome to see him, and he got a 2:1 in his mEng degree, so i was well stoked for him! Then it rained.

And rained and rained and rained! I went to Bolehills on Monday and i've never seen it so bad, it was like a lake! Sheffield got done. I rode down to the Wicker this morning one of the worst hit places and checked the damage, it was pretty extensive!

Another 4 hour dig thern ride at Bolehills got the first turn (a lake the previous day) back to its former glory, if not better! And most of my work from the saturday held up - so i was happy about that! Bolehills lives on!

My hand is proper torn up though! You reap what you sow.

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