Sunday, 1 July 2007

More rain sir?

Well another national weekend and yet more rain! Brilliant! I did however have a pretty decent time though.

I got my van back on Friday morning too and it looks the mutts nuts, with a new intercooler she whistles as she goes! Sounds fast as fook! haha So i took the drive across on Saturday morning over the Penines and the further i went the wetter it got, but my life coaches have got me into PMA big, positive mental attitude, and i was willing the weather to pick up and get brighter for the weekend.

It didn't.

11 riders in 19+ what the hell?! Pretty lame turn out but the guys that were there were pretty much the ones that mattered, the top 10 were in attendance, so although numbers were low it was still going to be a tough one. With no semi final to think about it all counted in the motos. The track was pretty knarley with some big old jumps and a very fast 1st straight, the bottom section is pretty crappy, and the last straight is a set of real nice rhythms. The turns are pretty much useless, and unless your infront, its hard to get your line into the big jumps. The wind and rain didn't make things any easier, but i never gave up hope of the sun peaking through!

I got a 1 4 and 3 in the motos, which i was quite happy with and found my way in the main. I got 4th pick and went for a gate i had success from earlier in the day, lane 3, but for from this moment on we'll call her lame 3.

I got an awesome snap, it felt great and as my secod pedal came round i had absolutely no purchase and bang i was face down sliding down the slick, muddy start hill.. All the way to the bottom.

Sliding alongside me in perfect formation, out of lane 7 was current 19+ series leader Cal Strickland. Bet he was bummed!

One more round to go at Wales, should we pray for sunshine or what?!

High points? My first sleep out in the van, she did me proud. My bike was awesome. Coppull club worked hard. Seeing some of my buddies, i wish more had come along though. Dogs and fireworks. No clips action.

Low points? Catering van was 'orrible, if i had half a chance i'd give them slags all a dry slap! The mud, the persistent rain, the low numbers in no clips and 19+.

The rest was borderline!

Ciao for now! x

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