Sunday, 15 July 2007

Update Schmupdate

Well, its Sunday and its raining again! Man! What gives?!?!

It has been an alright weekend though, it was my works sports day thing on Friday and i've not had a really hard laugh in a while, and this event provided me with many! It was funny as hell! I managed to break my big toe after a rather heinous tackle in the game of sliding football we had on a very water logged field.. But i was still smiling! There was all kinda shit going down, and being a big shape thrower, throwing shapes from all corners of the globe i was the man at inflatable twister, killing the competition.. Awesome! It was all very funny. Bit of a mash up ensued and a good BBQ which went down a treat. Bit of face painting, getting into the spirit of things.. haha

Saturday was a pretty cool day i headed over to Lytham to ride there new track, it was a real nice day and some of my buddies were in attendance, Dave Ive and brother Twarn and the rest of the clan, little Harry is a legend. The Stricklands, Sharpy, Flemdog, Vinegar Tim, the Taylors and Snaz to the el amongst others, was a good day, and it looks like it could really take off with a massively supportive council backing them, it's gonna get hectic in Lytham! A flute of cham-pag-ne before gates settled me in nicely, then some fun promo racing, sheesh. The turns are tight and the track doesn't make for much passing, but the manual gate, the kids going nuts and the cool local vibe, this was true grass roots, and i was stoked to be part of it. I stayed for a few hours riding in the sunshine.. (Yes, Sunshine!!) then had a cool pint of shandy on the seafront with Dave and family, enjoyed the cool air, and it was pretty nice.

I made my way back to Sheffield in the yellow peril (she's back - and back to her awesome old ways!!) We had the BIG 51JR BBQ and quite a few people came over, it was fresh to def! A good chill out and some beers, i wish i'd gone to the Tuesday Club afterward, i didn't as i wanted to ride today, but the weather has been so shat i ended up just fitting some big speakers in my van and doing a bunch of jobs.. All of which i could have done with a hangover! haha.. Oh well..

The weeks have been okay getting riding in most night, a few long road rides and sessions at the Bolehills. Next week i'm hoping to ride every night and get my gates down as much as possible.

So, due to weather, not a great deal of riding, but as much as i can get in. This year seems to be washing away, and it feels like we'll roll back into the early nights without having ridden all that much.. I just hope things pick up a little..

Just heard from Lauren, she went to the European Champs this weekend in Romans, its an amazing part of France with some awesome tracks, we went there on the road trip and it was sick, this was a brand new track, built specially for this race and it looked awesome. Lauren won 2 of her motos and a 2nd in the other, 3rd in her semi, but unlucky in her main and she got a 7th, but it was pretty great for her to be in the main. And it sounded like she had an awesome time with the Sheffield/Norwich Collaboration. Well done are kid!

Thanks for reading, wish i had a bit more juicy goss to throw everyone!

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