Monday, 30 July 2007

Moto Whip Technician!


Just want ot mention an old friend Vincent Fox, if you search for his name in google you'll read some of the awesome things he'd done with his life. I've known Vince for a number of years, meeting through BMX, the trails over Brettons and Rom, he moved away to Dartford, but we still kept in touch. He was making it onto the pro motor cycle circuit and was making a name for himself. He would have been racing the Manx TT next week.

Vince was killed riding his Dad's bike back from an MOT, a car collided with him, and that was that. Vince being Vince, he would have been on the limit. He loved going fast, almost dying a few years ago in a horrific crash, he got back on it and came back more determined. His funeral was an amazing sight a huge convoy of motorcycles arrived after the funeral carriages, it was a really good send off. My thoughts go out to his Mum and Dad, who were so brave. I'd say rest in peace dude, but i know you wouldn't want that. Ride on Vince. x

I had an awesome weekend just gone, met some old work cronies on the friday night and got mashup with them boys, then headed over to meet Alec, Warren, Oliver Cooper (Sorry bro - I was mash up!! x) and Paul. Heather and her buddies were in the joint so that was funny! We headed over to the forum, where we mashed it up further then i threw some sick shapes on the dance floor. All those years of practicing in the bedroom finally paid off..

Saturday i got out on the BM-ex it was good fun, had a couple of hours at the Bolehills, time for reflection.. It was super windy and the company of 13 year olds wears thing soon enough, so I headed back and chilled with Alec, did some servicing of my bike - RACE PREP! Saturday night Rich and brother Mike Shaw came over, it was cool to see them, we hung out, fired up the BBQ, had some cool beers and shot the shit for an evening.. Good to see them guys! Mike is living in Lincoln so Rich (a really good friend from home) will be popping up a lot more often, so i'll get to see him more which would be awesome!

Sunday morning, i awoke to eye of the tiger, it was race day! Peterborough inter-regional. I chauffeured pro racer Alec Townley. He was pysched. He's been putting the training in recently and couldn't make the worlds in Victoria, Canada due to some passport mishaps, so Peterborough Regional it was. He looked sick out there, mashing his bars round in his stem no less than 3 times trying the BIG double on the second straight, it was awesome, the Yoot is committed!

There wasn't many there, only 12 infact in master class, but some fast riders, Tuffy, Jessop, Townsend, Cheetham, Sewell (one fast yoot!) Matt Allen back from a pretty horrific injury but looking good considering, he'll be back in no time, but i was stoked to see him rocking it strong! And let's not forget Townley!

I had fun in the motos getting a 1 2 1 and making the main quite comfortably, i got lane 5 for my efforts so a nice clear run at the first straight, i had Jessop and Townsend either side i think, so i thought i may feel the squeeze but i got some good pull and followed Tuffy into the first turn, i stayed on the lads back wheel for the race, Midlands taking the 1 and 2, Tuffy has the skills to pay dem bills!

Alec made the B final after a points mix up (?!?!!!) and took the second, he would have won on the day, but he unclipped through the pick up triple manual. We hung out for about an hour afterwards just chilling on the 2nd straight, throwing the moto whips down for the fans! ;)

Someone also stole our sandwiches. What is the world coming to i ask?! I found them strewn down an alleyway nnot far from the truck, they didn't have the decency to eat them. Mature cheddar and wiltshire ham.. WILTSHIRE HAMMMM!!!!!

Also went to see die hard 4 last night, i said John McClean is my number one hero, overtaking Jack Bauer, but i immediately regretted my words. Sorry Jack. I love you! Die hard 4, is the business and John McClean is hard as Ken! He took down a F35 fighter jet with a brick. Sheesh-kebab-alab!

So an awesome weekend, some good riding, the sun shone, the beers were chilled, i saw a bunch of my friends and it was slick!

Peace Yo!

DC x

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