Saturday, 4 August 2007


Yo! Gwarn?!

Been off work since Wednesday, got plenty of jobs done, including finishing off my van, looks awesome in there.. Hmm Cosy! I also did some work at the Bolehills in the sunshine, had some sessions, rode my road bike, and pretty much wasn't in work.. Bonus.

I wish i was someplace that had a beach, the sun, 37 degrees temps and the holiday vibe. I should have just bloody well gone. Damnit.

Oh well, i'll make the next week off count too!

Today i headed over to GYPO trails in Cleethorpes and had one of the best days riding all year! The session went off! It was mad busy, a real chilled vibe going down, loads of riders, the big beats ands breaks, friends, BBQ a sea breeze and sunshine. Perfect. Athough the breeze was pretty intense at times! I was there for almost 6 hours and had a load of fun, the main line is sick, especially the hipped line that took me a while to actually discover! The track/trails session was cool, hips, berms and trails everywhere! lots of laughs and a rea good ride! I'll hopfully get some pictures soon.

Ben Richardson and Stodgey (sp?) were throwing it down all over the shop.. Awesome skills! Joey was in the place and tore it up until she bailed her frame and bent it at the headtube.. Oof! Going great til then.. Someones Dad was there, but he said he wasn't anyones Dad, his name was Steve Williams, he just looked a bit miserable. and old.

Just joking Steve!! ;)

A rad session.. Mansfield tomorrow, hope i packed my A Game!

laters x