Sunday, 5 August 2007

Summer lovin'.. Happened so fast!

Today was the inter-regional at Mansfield it was an awesome day! The weather was bang-cris! haha Pure summer steez, it was pretty windy again, but if you didn't think about it too much it didn't make much difference. There were only 19 riders in masterclass but there was some big names up in the place.. Liam Batey, Tuffy, Lillingstone, Matt Allen, Tricker, Cheetham, Bromfield, Bailey & Jay amongst others.

Pro racer, Alec Townley decided not to race, he's over it.. instead he decided to smash his face into the floor after riding into a drainage ditch and catapulting himself over the bars and head first straight to hell! He smashed his nose in and hurt his neck, he looked super bummed, and was well mad, i know he is just got a lot on right now and hasn't had much bike time, he'll be back on it soon! Trust!

Liam "roll back" Batey took the win with Tuffy hot on his heels, followed closely again by Lillingstone with me in 4th by a whisp, John and I dragged down the final straight but it wasn't to be and i settled for 4th, but i was pretty stoked! I took a 1 4 1 in motos and 2nd in the semi to Tuffy, so i had a strong day.

The weather was mint, the atmosphere was great, and it was cool to see the Ipswich/Norwich crew. Alec and I joined Joey Gough and Steve Williams in town for a few swift ones last night, it was pretty funny! Just what i needed after a sweet day at the trails!

A quick "Get Well Soon" to my team manager Rich Camm, he took a big fall yesterday breaking his left collarbone.. Get well soon fella.. And if you want anyone to look after your new CRF you know where i am.. ;)

An awesome weekend, and I just hope the week ahead stays sunny for my time off!

Its my boy Will "Cash-Monies" birthday tomorrow - Awesome bro! Have a mint one, i'll be in touch!

Ciao! x

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