Thursday, 23 August 2007

The British Champs!

Well its not been a great week weather wise, though it seems to be picking up for t'weekend - awesome! The last weekend weren't great, although a good mash up session with my brothers from other Mothers, Will Cash Money, A to the T, Dale, The OC, and Steve we just had a few beers then hit the Forum for a couple of late ones, next thing i know i'm throwing down the shapes and it's all drum and bass up in your face for the next few hours coutesy of Dillinja and Lemon D - BIG! Easy my selector! haha A good old night, followed by some food with Will, we hardcored it whilst the others headed home, but not before trying to be Samaritans and almost getting into a full on street fight - Yeah!

Saturday i headed to a new track in Brampton with Pete, its more like a load of sessionable straights, it didn't really flow as one track, lines everywhere! None of the jumps were hard but they were pretty tech in places, we stuck it out and had a session for about 3 hours, then hit Rotherham but the rain and wind had set in good and proper so we headed back..

If it wasn't for Heroes i have no idea what i'd have done with the rest of my day! Its freaking brilliant! - Check it out!

Sunday a few of us went out on the road bikes which wasn't much fun, but its always rewarding, and with the weather being as it were, i didn't much fancy anything else!

This week has been much better Rotherham Monday, Mansfield Tuesday and Chessy last night.. So lots of riding and gates, i'm feeling good for the Brits this weekend! My gates seemed strong and consistant, which was weird! But i'm happy with that! I'm heading down on Friday and sticking round until Monday to have a session at Cheddar, so i'm looking forward to it! Can Tuffy do the double up?

Another big bit of news is i'm heading to China for the Worlds next year! They are in Taiyuan, which is about an hour south east of Beijing, looks a little like this..

Apparently. Just with SARS and possibly Avian Influenza.. Yummy! ;) I'm joking of course, just don't drink the water!

I hope the track is like the olympic one..

But i doubt it.. We can but hope. I'm sure the UCI and China will pull out all the stops though, China want to make an impression (like in every other sport they compete in) on the BMX scene. I'll be clipping in for this, i have decided to travel all that way and not have every bit of advantage would be madness, so don't hate me. I'll be back on flats before you can say Dan, you're a Kook!

And a job opportunity?? I'll keep you posted! :)

Byeee! x

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