Friday, 31 August 2007

You's got to put the work in, on a monday..

Well the season is pretty much over now, the British Champs were last weekend in Burnham On Sea, its a one off race where the best rider on the day secures themself the 01 plate.. But any place after First? You may as well have stayed at home!

I did have a pretty cool day finishing my motos 3 2 2 i felt strong and had the opporunity to get a good lane choice being the 3rd person to pick. So i went for 3. Michael Pinnock in 2 beside me, and Marco in 4 the other side. I was sressing before i even racked my wheel against the gate, 2 of the biggest guys in 19+ and both packing a serious gate. I snapped but Marco snapped harder I ended up in Pinnocks lane so whether Marco crossed or not, who knows, but undeniably his gate was awesome. I basically fought from last to 6th down the 2nd straight and remained there. So I never made it out of the semi. I was pretty pissed. My gates have been good recently but i really need to focus on them over the winter months whenever I can, as it is by far the most important aspect to being successful.

The rest of the day was cool, everyone was there so I floated about catching up with the south lot, the Northerners and EA crowd, watching the racing and cold chilling in the sun. It was awesome weather and the racing was hot come final time!

Tuffy doubled, stoked for the guy, hopefully he'll go Elite next year so i won't have to race his ass again! haha!

I've decided this winter to hit the gym, the first time in almost 8 years, but with no indoor on the cards it'll be essential to improve my performance for next year. What i definately can't lose sight of however, is track time. Getting out on the bike is the best training, and keeping your skills fresh is essential. So hopefully we'll have a mild winter and can ride my bike as much as possible.

I don't much fancy heading out into the peak district on my road bike on freezing cold, windy January nights, but i can see it happenning.

All this gym talk, late night training rides and working on my gates is all leading up to one thing, China 2008. My first worlds and I really want it to be as good an experience as i'm imagining it. I ain't going all that way to get Moto'd.

A chilled next few weeks, wind down before the big wind up.

China is on!

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