Thursday, 6 September 2007

Kneeboards and updates!

Last night we had a works do at Rother Valley Country Park, it was a skiing trip on the cable system that they have there, and it was freaking awesome! :) My first attempt was ugly on the kneeboard literally making it off the pontoon, i got about 3-4 metres in and slammed - Dang! Second attempt was a little better making it as far as the first corner with one hell of a long walk back to the start. The key on the corners is to swing out and keep the cable taught at all times, so attempt 3 i pinned it wide for the corner the cable literally goes 90 degrees then pulls you back in it feels like you're going to have your arms pulled from your sockets, but once you catch up its all good again, the corners were the best bit! My PB on the kneeboard was 2 laps by which point my arms felt like that were about to fall off!

China is booked, flying out on 25th of May from Manchester - its going to be amazing! Get on it!

And that job opportunity? I got it! Interviewed on Monday offered the position today, same CAD thing, more money, smaller office, nice change of scenery! Boosh! Stoked!

I also hit up Mansfield Tuesday night and did random starts for the first time - it was wierd and so easy to become distracted on the longer wait for the beeps.. Its hard, but it makes the race not all about the gate, It is going to be used pretty much everywhere from here on out, so i'd better get used to it!

Bolehills session tonight too, the weathers great and i'm feeling good! :)

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