Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Something to write home about?..

Well not really, it hasn't been incredibly exciting recently, i have rode my bike as much as possible, hit up some mileage on the road bike, attended a talent team assessment day at Sheffield EIS which was a great deal of fun, and an eye opener into many things i wasn't aware of. It was pretty cool as i got to take part in the strengh and condition tests too and it was mint!

The Athletes training room at EIS is something else.

I missed a Rotherham regional, but apparently it was super windy so i wasn't too bummed, i slipped down the regional table to 4th. Absolutely gutted I am.

Had some cool sessions at Chesterfield, Rotherham and Bolehills over the last week and Saturday and then on Sunday it was round 1 of the Autumn nationals and it was a pretty cool day, even though i felt pretty rouge on my bike - i just couldn't seem to get it wound up, i raced my age group 20-25 which they merged with 26-32 male so Flem and Speedy Reidy were in their with Dave Ives, Tuffy, Snaz, Boota and some cruiser riders, i had a good laugh all in all, and it was a super slick event finishing 2nd in my race group and getting a trophy (mint!) and 4th in the 16+ payback and securing myself a tonne of cash.. haha ;)

Preston is a really cool club with a massive volunteer base, they'll go far as they are all so keen. The autumn national was a success and with some track changes they could be in contention for holding a national one day for sure!

Riders of the day for me the ever improving Billy Luckhurst (good to see all you guys!) Dave Ives (I tried to "bazza" the bazza but to no effect i ended up on my arse in the tarmac [see below].. I'll never forgive you, its going to one hell of a quiet plane ride to China!) Andy Restall getting rad, Callum impressive as usual, Tuffy throwing bacon all over and the most stylish mofo on the circuit Boota laying it down yo!

A mint day, a quick drive home and a curry with Will Cash Money and the new Tarentino film Deathproof - wicked!

Coursework for my level 2 coaching course is coming on, buts its a struggle, and hot chicks and douchebags party this weekend at Wills pad should be a cracker!

I'm out - peace!

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