Monday, 1 October 2007

Base, bass and bars..

An awesome weekend.

Dinner and the movies with Lauren friday night, then a coaching day at Derby there was about 40-50 kids all looking for coaching tips and some fun, TM Rich Camm was in the house we teamed up to take on the experts and i think the kids had a good time, we wrapped up with a mini race series, no accidents and plenty of smiles.

An awesome party at Wills house saturday night, Hotchicks and Douchebags was funny, Will was insanely mashup, some jobsworth with a "first aid qualification" called an ambulance, well done son! Paramedics have enough on their plate without certificated nominated first aiders living their life waiting for an accident or an emergency to occur so that they can jump on their high horse and holla the big dogs. Unnecessary.

Oh well.

It was still super funny, Warren, Alec and Cooper were in the house, i've blogged the party in comic format, i'll upload that shazzam toneet! Plenty of bass!

And then a few bars.

A mad ride on the road bike yesterday with my Homie John the German, sweet ride to Glossop and back taking in some of the best tarmac of the peak district, plenty of mileage i felt good, we had a good rythm and worked well with eachother to make it round in good time, plenty of base.

Base, bass and bars.. Awesome.

Then sunday night a few of my essex buddies came up to catch a hardcore show put on by The Legacy, some awesome bands in the place, Bridge 9's Ruiner, Revelations Sinking Ships my Essex homeboys band Life Won't Wait (amazing 1st show guys!) and a German band called Storm & Stress, who were, unreal. I was blown away! Was really good to see everyone and hear some amazing music. I love the energy of hardcore!

Cool as Ken weekend, wish it never ended.

Bolehills tonight for some bacon throwing and the lay down.

I'm out.. Comics later tonight! :)

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