Friday, 26 October 2007

Update Smchupdate!


Been a good week since Peterborough it's gone superfast and i'm looking forward to a nice weekend of riding my bikes and catching some Z's. But not too many.

Work is set to get super busy, 50 hour weeks, 10 hour days, i'm glad its winter and i haven't got the indoor, otherwise i'd be having some major thoughts about these extra working commitments! I enjoy my work, but I also enjoying my life outside of work, and the time I have to do the things i want to do.

This week I went bouldering at one of the indoor centres in Sheffield and it was an amazing experience, I ended up joining and buying myself a pair of my own climbing shoes! It was such a great experience and after I had ridden home and loosened up a bit I felt pumped! You see some of the guys in there (and girls!) and they are absolutely ripped, I'm not exactly built for climbing being quite stocky and heavy, but i think if i can develop my strength through climbing, and do it often enough, it will be an amazing upper body workout, without the bullshit of pumping iron in the gym..

Plus it'll be fun. And thats what i'm all about!

I have checked out a gym and think i'm going to join it, its the student one in Sheffield, and it has a bouldering wall too, plus a nice big pool, so I'm thinking of really mixing it up this winter, bouldering, gym work for the old legs, swimming and road bike for cardio, and of course as much BMX as i can fit in, a few sessions at The Works indoor park in Leeds, and weekends hitting the tracks and riding any trails that are running.

Hopefully this weekend i'm going to head to Wales to ride the track in Wrexham ,that looks a heap of fun!

I got my iPod Touch on wednesday too, and wow, i mean really, Wow! I'm so stoked on it! Browsing the web, having all my music to hand, watching movies and looking at pictures, organising my calendar, it does it all, and i bloody love it already! :)

I was dreading this winter without the indoor BMX track, but i feel a lot more positive towards it after this week! Let's get it on!


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