Thursday, 8 November 2007

Like a fish out of water..

Yo! 'sapenning?!

Things are good this end, had an awesome weekend just gone, headed to Manchester to hang out with one of good old Essex buddies Dave patten, he lives it up big in the new Hacienda apartments, they are seriously fresh, we rolled heavy and had some beers and some food then headed to the clurb. We rolled up and they doormen took an instant dislike to me, telling i was too casual, maybe trainers and a Segment hoodie don't cut it in the money district of Manchester on a friday night?!

Who knows, but Dave ain't feared he and I headed back and he hooks me up a Saville Rowe number 1 suit.. Custom fitted and hand tailored, it felt like i was wearing air! It was serious money, man, if anything hapenned to that suit i'd have been financialy screwed! I got back to clurb and the doormen had nothing to say, we entered and hit the G&T's in a big way, it was super funny and i was pretty mash up! Really good to see Dave and hang with Will and Lucy there too, super funny business. In at 5 after hitting some rouge party which wasn't that cool, they had taped their fridge door shut for Christ's sake. Who does that?!

Saturday after i'd had some food i headed down to Derby and rode the track for an hour, can't wait for the Derby track facelift its so boring. Lauren just bought a new van a Nissan Primastar and its pretty mint, we headed down in it to Essex and spent some time with the folks and hanging out twith the Fam. On Sunday morning we headed down to Herne Bay a new track built by Phil Charnley, its super fresh! Phil has done an amazing job and i had a really cool day. They have a good thing going down there right now, and i'm stoked that it isn't a million miles from my Parents, it means i'll have somewhere to go over Christmas for some sessions!

Really good to see Phil, its been too long Brother! Also good to catch up with my buddies Russ Parsons, cameraman extraordinaire Steve Bodey, Humps and Fam, Alex and Scott Dick, Terry and Lewis, rad day some good sessions going down!

Get there if you can!

This week has been okay, been super busy at work and with the early nights its been hard to motivate myself after i've ridden home, but last night Warren and I the pool in our speedos and did some hectic cardio, it was a great deal of fun and i felt as if i achieved something, tonight i'm hitting the climbing wall which i'm pumped for and tomorrow i have my gym induction, then i'm going to hit the pool again afterward! Bam!

This weekends plans hit Chicksands on Saturday for a trails jam and Gold Coast it up on Sunday for some fun North style racing with a Blackpool flair - Can't wait!

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