Sunday, 11 November 2007

Miles, miles and miles.

Hello all.

First of all, i just want to say a huge keep your head strong, fight like you've never fought before and beat this thing to Ben Forwood. I have recently read he has been checked out at the hospital after having some pretty awful headaches, after an MRI and CT scan they found the problem to be from a tumour on his brain. It is said to be growing and it's critical that he is operated on as soon as possible.

Ben Forwood is a true gentleman, a wonderfully skilled and superfast BMX rider, with some amazing results on the european and world stage in the last 2 years. A rider on the dialled bikes team, i read that mike over at Dialled is pretty cut up. Ben was the first rider to be on the team and has been there since day one. He'll beat this Mike. Believe!

We all love you Ben, you are stronger than this thing, and i believe you'll beat it. I'm backing you every step of the way, as i'm sure every BMXer who knows you is too.

I had a blog in mind but I'm not feeling it to write anymore. I'll keep things brief.

Crappy week work wise, intense workload and not a lot of downtime. Climbed a bunch, 3 hours on thursday took me until now to recover from it! Swam a bit, rode my road bike some. This weekend i hit gates at Chesterfield on Saturday morning which was mint, i felt like i was getting some good ones. Stayed there for about 2 hours then headed back to Sheffield with Lauren and hit the pool for an hour or so, i was pretty done in. We had a nice curry with the 51 Junction Road crew then Lauren headed back to Peterborough to ride Chicksands trails jam on the Sunday.

My plan was to head to Goldcoast and race for kicks at the new track in Lytham, but after a bunch of trouble with the van i was let down again, and 3 of my buddies were riding out to Matlock on the road bikes, i made a snap decision to do that instead. Feeling it now! Just over 50 miles it was pretty serious, but i'm stoked i did it, i felt like i accomplished something today!

A picture from Herne Bay last week - sweet track.

The week ahead, gym x 3, climbing x 2 pool x 2 and hopefully some road bike in the evenings. Heavy.

This hasn't been a good year for BMXers, but the whole community believes in all of you, stay strong.

DC x

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