Saturday, 17 November 2007

The first weeks always the toughest..

Its been a pretty intense week, but i'm feeling good for it, work again has been super busy, but its paying them bills so thats all that matters right..

Monday i chilled, after the heavy session on the road bike on Sunday i needed to rest up, so i just had some good food, watched some good TV (The Wire) and maxxed relaxxed.. Tuesday I got up and hit the gym with warren, it was our first leg session and it was good going, it was more of a test run to see where we at and what we can do, want to do and get an idea on things. Tuesday evening i hit the pool and swam a few lengths. Wednesday night i hit the bowling alley, i got 1 strike, it is a well known fact, and i'm not ashamed to say it, that I suck at bowling.

Still, had a good time, and had a beer on the lane which went down a treat.

Thursday morning Warren and I did an upper body session, it went okay, i'm not entirely sure of how much of this i need to be doing, i feel reasonably good upper body wise, but maybe to keep trim and tone up a few places, i'm sure it'll help my climbing career, eh Warren ;)

Thursday night I went to the bouldering centre and had a killer time, completing problems i had failed on the previous week and stepping up to a few more, i'm really enjoying the climbing thing and i think if i can maybe do once a week i won't be nailing myself and i'll still be developing my technique and keeping strong.

Friday i just chilled and hung out with my boy Will, we had a beer, some Nandos and watched some funny shit on the internet. Always good to hang out with Will and the West Street crew, good people, for sure.

This morning i headed over to Rotherham to meet Olympic athlete and potential medalist Kelvin Batey, possibly one of the nicest men involved in BMX and one of the most dedicated, he gave up his morning to meet me and have a speed endurance sprint session, i ended up geting a puncture on my 3rd set of reps, so he kindly finished his set and lent me his bike, it was hard work and at a couple of times i thought i'd spew, but i kept it down, gave it my best and felt good for it. Sprints are intense, and these sets involved a downhill sprint of about 80 meters, a quick turn at the bottom, ride to the start, turn and sprint back. Ouch! We did 4 sets of 4. Kelvin, on his last set did a 5 setter.. The guy can push it for sure.

We then went to EIS, i've been in the athletes gym before, but this time we had it all to ourselves, Kelvin broke techniques down for me, checked my form on the squat and the deadlift and wrote me a killer programme which i'm going to be doing for the next 11-12 weeks, it consists of mainly leg and core work, i'll throw in some press ups, chin ups and some free weights to keep my upper body in check. Kelvin is currently doing 3-4 sets at 160kg. Spiders! I'll be starting at 90kg for 8 reps, building up a good base before the heavy stuff in January. I finished the day with an hour at Bolehills, making sure i wasn't a complete meathead and i could still throw it down at the track and have some fun!

Its all pretty interesting for me, but i'm sure it sounds lame to you! I'm pretty excited about where things are going, i'll get some shots on the ixus of Warren and I going big in the gym next week.

And maybe a shot of us in our speedos.. Sheesh.


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