Thursday, 22 November 2007

Pushing weight, gettin' straight..

In the words of Skinnyman!

After my programme development with Kelvin at the weekdn i've had 2 hard sessions in the gym focussing on the things that Kelvin showed me.. Its been hard, but i'm enjoying the sessions with Warren i'm doing 2 leg sessions a week for now, one Tuesday am and another Thursday am.. These combined with a swim or 2 a session at the climbing works and then mixing it up with some other bits and bobs is keeping me very busy, but also committed! I have an aim and i feel with every bit of pain i'm getting closer to reaching my goal.

I'm giving it my all to remain focussed, driven and positive about everything.

Today my legs are incredibly wobbly though, hopefully this is a good sign! Just taking it easy at work listen to the new Wilhelm Scream album - Awesome!

Tonight i'm heading to the works skatepark with alec and Max to have some fun on my bike, i just hope my legs have recovered enough by then! Chilling out tomorrow maybe have a little recovery road ride in the morning before work.

This weekend i'm helping out with a kids coaching session with Lauren and cycle Derby, and then Sunday it's time for the main event.. DC vs. AT AMA Supercross race.. sheesh!

Todays pictures, Warren and I going "big" in the gym, these were taken purely for comedy-blog-purpose as the leg press wasn't in our routine today.. But you get the idea.. Buff!

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