Monday, 26 November 2007

Balls to the Wall!


An awesome weekend just past, Friday night i headed over to check out Laurens new pad, its pretty cool, quite small but the all inclusive rent will allow her so save some money and live a little more independantly, she seemed stoked on it and after all her belongings were put in place it looked quite homely.

Friday night we went out for a Curry with one of her workmates Mark, and his wife, a good night of banter and some delicous food! Poshest curry i've ever had anyway!

Saturday I helped out Lauren and the guys do a BMX coaching day at Derby track, its a pretty lame track, with limited jumps and turns etc, so to develop any sort of program is difficult, I took the experts with TM Rich Camm and Matt Ryder and we just worked on pumping, some manualing some work in the turns with high low manuevores and things like that, there is no gate to give gate advise and nothing overly technical either, but the kids seemed to get into it.

It was a horrible day with horizontal rain and a biting wind but the amount of kids that showed up was incredible, and all the kids and parents seemed to really enjoy the day, we had a big race at the end with massive trophies for every class, medals and prizes, the kids were beaming ear to ear! I was stoked to be a part of it!

After some good food i headed back to Sheffield to get my race head on for the DC vs. AT MX extravaganza!

Sunday morning was such a contrast it was a beautiful day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We headed over to Worksop i travelled with my race rival, pro racer AT, some call him the G.O.A.T its not an insult it means the greatest, of all time. Coach Cooper was in the truck to, seperating the 2 big race rivals, tensions were running high, you could feel it in the air..

My enemy, the G.O.A.T, Alec Townley.

We arrived at the track, Warren and Cooper had bought along their race tuned bikes and Devan was there on his mini moto, we did a couple of laps and i was stressing as i had boots on, i was knocking it into neutral and hitting the rear brake all the time, i was in a mess, i ended up flipping the thing too - i was pretty bummed out and I was losing my cool, especially when i saw Alec cool as a cucumber invertly whipping it out over the 90 foot triple step up.. Not really but he did seem to get into things a lot better than i did!

Me, warming up on the mini moto!

I had a go on Coopers bike next and being a bigger bike the boots actually helped i felt really stable and could change gear and I began to relax and have some fun!

Its a flat track with no jumps but some really good turns, switchbacks and a super fast straight, it was really cool!

I then had a go on Warrens bike which was going to my race machine later on, it felt sick! Its a 4 stroke so it doesn't scream and hit a power band like Coopers, its more of a low down tourque power which can pull hard in the low end but doesn't have the beans in the high end revs, you can change gear though to get all that speed you want, but i didn't need any more complications today!

Warren and Cooper went head to head with a 6 lapper race and after a good start by Team Greens Warren Harper he lead the tace out, but the OC was all over him like a rash, trying where he could to pass, trouble is there isn't many places to pass, Warren rode defensivley and held off the OC to take the win! An awesome race though!

Warren and the OC doing battle!

We lined up for our 1st race, the pressure was on, the engine were revving hard, elbows pushed to the skies watching for the starter to give us the single, you could cut the tension with a knife, unblinking focus, heart pounding in my ears, a nervous cool sweat developing, the flag went down! The revs came up and the bike stalled.


Being the gentlemen we are we waited for one another as we did this a few times each! Argh! Very frustrating!

We both soon nailed it though and Alec got the holeshot he pinned it ahead of me into turn one railing low, i was hot on his heels into the tight second corner, Alec lost it a bit and fell out of the corner leaving me with a clear line through! I got the lead on the race and held it out through the 4 laps and took the win! Bam!

Me, on Team Greens factory Kawasaki KX250f having a practise lap!

Alec wasn't having any of it! Race 2 was going to be a 6 lapper! Thing was I crashed in the tight second corner - damn! So we racked it up again and lined up for moto 3! Alec was going for glory! We got under way and again Alec holeshotted, kept his cool and maintained the lead position in the 1st lap, he had me! DAMN! It was a 6 lapper so i just tried at every opportunity to bust a move but it wasn't happenning. I was chewing on his roost the whole way round! Alec got a bit lose on the long sprint straight before the final turn on lap 4 and i thought i had my chance but he saved it and kept the lead, going in to the final lap, i just pinned it hard up behind him and went into the super tight corner faster than i previously had done, i managed to swoop the inside, blast the AT with some roost and take the lead. I held him off and took the 2nd race! I was stoked! But Alec made me work for it, he put in 6 flawless laps!

An amazing day, thanks to Warren, Cooper and Devan for letting us ride their bikes, it was aweosme, bloody awesome! When i think about it I get a huge smile across my face!

Whens the next round?! :)


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Wazza said...

"Danny don't like to get beat, he been that way since he was 5 years old"

Well done dude! Team green for the win!