Sunday, 16 December 2007

Winding up to wind down..


Things have been pretty hectic on the run up to Christmas (which i must add, i cannot wait for!) I've been training hard, still doing my climbing ting, a little bit of cardio when i can and have been making really good progress in the gym, which i'm totally stoked on! Getting new PB's is a buzz i haven't really had before, hopefully things will continue to go my way!

Work has been hectic, i hate flat concrete slabs and reinforcing them, its a massive ball ache, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and this next week should be super chilled and i can wind down totally for Christmas! I have a few works dos to look forward to, and next saturday is the 51JR christmas day which should be awesome! Really hyped for that!

Then its heading home to essex for some home comforts, some of that smooth Essex tarmac and plenty of food and maybe a few beverages! It should be really nice, Lauren and I are doing the romantic thing and exchanging clip shoes for presents (for my road bike, of course). Who said romance is dead eh?!

Went to Manchester outdoor ice rink in the week and the christmas markets, smashed it up on Mulled wine then tore up the ice, took me back to my ice hockey days and soon enough i was cross switching my feet and power stopping, bam! I had a really good time, a thoroughly good laugh, some of the people i work with are ace. I didn't feel christmassy until we hit the ice, it were reet!

Hit the random starts on saturday and felt good on the gate snapping out and around the track, i love my bike and having fun on it, its so important to throw some of that in, it seems to be minimal riding at the moment, which sucks, but it makes the time i have on my bike really good, and i appreciate it so much more.

Booked on for Zwolle euro rounds (thanks to the Smiths for registering me!) and France is booked up with 16 people - gonna be absolutely awesome! 

Today was pretty non-productive i got torn up last night and had a fight with a ditch, a bag of bread cakes and an irate, lost taxi driver, at one point i thought i was going to have to walk back to Sheffield from the outskirts of the peak district with a bag of baps and an easy stagger.. Sheesh.. So i rose late today, then proceeded to step in some glass - awesome - my housemates tried in vain to save me, but we almost lost her. They failed me, i have stripped them of their surgical honours for 51JR and i had to go to hospital to get it cut out - mint. Thanks to Alec my designated driver. So not a productive day at all.

But still, at least i blogged it. :o/

this week, a few mash ups, not a lot of work, and a couple of gym sessions and some climbing too. Sick.


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