Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year One And All!

Hello hello and happy new ear to you all!

Christmas and new year have been really good fun, been off work from the 23rd of December and I go back tomorrow, so it's given me plenty of time to ride my bikes, have some family time back in essex and see all my friends, have some celebrations and relax a bit too! Plus catching up with all my geriatric animals too, Frank sees through another Christmas, this dog is unreal, 16 years old, and 3 Christmas's ago we all thought it'd be his last. Keep on going my boy!

Back to the daily grid tomorrow though, which I'm really not looking forward to!

I've been out of the gym the whole time, as i've been able to ride my bikes everyday, doing gates, riding the track, some trails in Essex and racking up plenty of mileage on the road bikes, i love it! :)

The gym is back on from Thursday but my training partner, Warren is back home in South Africa living the dream, lucky bugger, so i'll be going solo for a couple of weeks yet and then getting ready for Zwolle, which should be awesome! I feel good on my bike and do feel stronger too, so hopefully if i can get my gates down i'll be able to bring back a medal or something, haha.

Might have secured a grand for Bolehills too, so look out for a complete resurface and tid up with that cash! I'l keep you posted.

For now, going out on the bike for some fresh air and some shape throwing.
Ciao for now! 

DC x

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