Sunday, 6 January 2008

Mint weekend, and some good old news!

Well, I've been a bit poorly this last week but I'm over it now and I've had a fantastic weekend, I hit gates at Mansfield on Saturday, was getting some good gates and had a really good session on the rest of the track. Good to see the powerhouse Jessop in the place and Joey Gough looking fast too, had a ride with her and Becca at Chessy afterwards which was cool, 5 hour round trip - dedicated!

I feel pretty good going into Zwolle next weekend and I'm excited about hitting up a race, its been ages since i got on the gate not just for practice! I love how the Dutch throw a race together, so I'm pretty excited about it all. Traveling with Lauren and her Dad in the Van, it should be a decent journey, I'm really not looking forward to the return leg though i'll be lucky to be in bed for 5 Mnday morning, and no time off work.. Sheesh!

Saturday night I hit the tiles with some friends and had a jolly good time, lots of funny stories and banter and just a few G&T's. Keep it clean!

Today i got up nice and early and headed over to Leeds with Steve Taylor, we hit the new Leeds track in Fearnville, which has had a great deal of cash invested into it, its a brand new facility and they've done an okay job, the first straight is a bit of a joke, but the rest of track, I'm sure, with a little riding in will be sweet as. We rode there for about 2 and a bit hours, Steve and I, the Goldcoast massive, Pagey and PT, and special guest star Ben Forwood. Great to see him out and about and having a roll round - naughty naughty! But still he looked real happy to be out on his bike, and I was stoked to be riding along with him. Nothing but love for you big man, keep on keeping on!

Then we headed to Yeadon a real old but super fun play track, i actually enjoyed this more, lots of banter and some fun pump races and Dave Ives trying to pull me.. In your dreams sweetie! ;) haha, was a wicked session and everyone looked to be having fun out there! A couple of hours there then Steve and I headed back. Alec had made a roast beef dinner, it were reet-o! I tells thee!

Anyway, this week is a 4-dayer, heading to Zwolle early doors friday, and I have some climbing, night time flood lit gates at mansfield, some light gym work and a little bit of road bike stuff.. Awesome :)

Super pumped for Zwolle, lets see if i can make some mains and thrown some big-steez for the overly tall, exceptionally friendly, and great race organising Dutch.

Nuttin' like the French eh?!

Oh, and the good news? Bolehills is to receive a £1000 award from O2 for their its your community  scheme. Thanks guys! We'll be organising a bit of a do up there, as we were awarded as a "champion" project! Basically we'll get the money in a big old cheque have some photos for the press, talk a little about what we'll be spending it on and showing them what we have there, i'll let you know when we'll be doing and if you fancy a good old shin dig, and a chance to ride your bike in front of some hot babe reporter (?) then head for the hills!


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