Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Hergen Fergen Schmurgen Wergen.

Well off to Zwolle in a couple of days for rounds 3 & 4 of the indoor European series, looking forward to it and i'm feeling pretty good! Laying off the gym again this week, but have hit the climbing wall for a few hours, done some core work and been doing some sprints too, starting out with an endurance sets, 5 for about 60 m one after the other uphill, then dropping it to 4 one after the other and finally 3 100% efforts one after the other downhill, i felt pretty sick afterward, but Alec made beef curry for the 51JR crew and we have sorted out a proper dining room, so it was rad to sit up right and eat tea with the homeboys.

This a video from last years race, an Elite semi, check the Orange! ARGH! The track was pretty cool so hopefully it'll be good again this year.

Going to do some sprints tonight again and then get my pack on.

Its funny over in Europe, I run 41 thermals and flat pedals and you can tell the euros got beef with the DC, they look at me like i'd look at some 40 year old on a chromed out Hutch with 18 piece bars and a layback seatpost eyeing up a pro section.. Guess they don't overstand what it takes to be rad eh?! Also no UK riders rep the lurid Kenny racewear that seems to be the "in thing" if your Euro, ludicrous colours and designs that are an assault on the retinas, gotta love 'em!

Can't wait to get Euro. I'll blog it up when i get back, hopefully have some good results and plenty of fun too!

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