Thursday, 31 January 2008

Money In The Bank!


Well thanks to the guys at O2 for really hooking us up! I paid the cheque in on Tuesday for £1000 that will go straight back into making the Bolehills that little bit more rad. Now, a grand don't go that far so we have to be wise with the money, we have some money in the bank previous and we'll be dipping into that too.. So a full resurface - Essential. A re-shape to the back straight - Essential. Altering the jump into the far corner, possibly. Moving the turn.. Let me price it up!

We have many ideas, but more are welcome, and we''ll need everyones support and help, if you can spare it. We are having a press day on the 9th of February, not sure what time exactly but it'll be around lunchtime, it'd be awesome if we could rally as many riders together as possible, throw some dirt about for the cameras, then throw some shapes on our bikes for the hot reporters that will be flocking there in their thousands. Perhaps.

We have other possible funding ventures, ABC grants which is directly linked to the old bill, a complicated one to secure but may be worth a look, a local PM has expressed an interest in sourcing some funding, and Pete is looking into a BIG grant that will allow us the big change or the starthill and the the re-alignment of the track. Exciting times ahead.. After all the paperwork that is!

Peep this..

Things have been good on the training front, hitting Mansfield floodlit gate sessions, EIS indoor pro gate sessions, going big in the gym hitting new PBs everytime like it ain't nothin'!

Got 115kg for 4 on the squat this morning followed by 95kg for 6 on the deadlift. Sheesh. I have a month of heavy stuff left then its sprints, sprints, gates, sprints more sprints, gates and track time and hopefully some trails.. Pheeeewee!

Terrys party was insane and for the first time in a long time i was proper torn up.

Funny times.

EIS tonight, chillax tomorrow, then Mansfield gates and a track session somewhere else with the Goldcoast massive on Saturday and i might do some digging sunday. wicked!

Over and Out!

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leccyt said...

Awesome little write up on the O2 website. All good news for the Bolehills.