Friday, 1 February 2008

None Shall Pass!

Bought the new Aesop Rock vibe today..

None Shall Pass.

All I can say is packs the normal tight Def Jux production, and it's big. Aesop, the poetical wordsmith! If you feel hip hop on any level that notch higher than the commercial tripe in the charts, check it out.

Fresh 2 Def!

Had a big session down at EIS last night hitting the sprints hard and running a coaching session too. we had 5 Talent Team riders and Paddy and Lauren made guest appearances, so it was a fun session, in the last set of 4 big efforts the kids were all complaining, so i knew they'd found it hard. Endurance sets are intense and a great session to build a good base, which is essential in BMX, before you hit the 100% sprint efforts to develop that winning spin, you need a good base. So i'm setting these guys up for the harder sessions that are coming pre-season.

I got that Friday feeling!

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