Tuesday, 19 February 2008

J'taime le piste de bicross!

Counting down the days now before we head to the South of France for the roadtrip, this years gonna be big and i can't wait! Plenty of riders from Sheffield and Norwich and inbetween!
Paddy, Mooonbaay, Fozzy, Tuffy, Lauren, Joey, Ben Scoobs, Steve Williams, Jonny the Pirate, Ross Tricker, A to the T, Millsy, Dialled bikes Mike, Scott Waterhouse and myself plus a couple of other guys from Norwich who i've not met, so it should be an awesome laugh and everyone pushing one another to go big!

This'll be my fifth tour, a veteran no doubt!

Good luck to all the GB guys heading to Douai, wish i could be on that too, hope the BB bus does the UK proud!

I've had the pleasure of riding 2 trips with Ben Forwood and he'll be sorely missed on this years tour, right now i believe he's living the dream in Vietnam - thinking of you Ben, enjoy yourself man, we'll see you on the next one.

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