Sunday, 17 February 2008

I do perceive..

Ey up blog readers! Whoever you are and where ever you may be!

Lot's of blog comments this weekend and i reckon i must be getting hit pretty hard and blogspot might wanna offer me some cash for this thing? You know how to reach me Mr. Blogger.

Anyway, it's been a good weekend and i got plenty of riding down, i'm feeling pretty shafted right now, and about to hit the hay at 10pm.. A regular occurrence for me lately i have to say. What a douchebag.

Friday night i hooked up with my brothers from other Mothers Will and Matt, we hung out, caught up, laughed and had an indian, it was tasty and fun! I rode home and it w
as so cold i wish i didn't have the burden of fingers to cause me grief.

Saturday I headed to Mansfield and it was full pro-town session with Marcus Bloomfield, Joey Gough, Tuffy, Jessop, Steve Taylor and G and all the cruiser bruisers. It was good session and i was getting some mint gates and my pull felt strong, so that was inspiring! It was such a beautiful day we all rode out there for about 3 hours, it was ace. 

Today I headed over to B-rad-ford BMX and it was pretty lame! ha! The track is okay and i'm sure if the track had remained frozen or hadn't of frozen in the first place it's have been much better, but -6deg temperatures followed by sunshine and 100 riders turns BMX tracks into quagmires! I still managed some good races and pulled Oggy ad Gamble down 2 straights in the motos and semi - although they managed to get by me again, but still, a good feeling! In my final i had 3rd pick so took lane 3, right on the beeps my front wheel slipped I put my feet down and the race went! Mint! Oh well i chased and finished 6th. Was pretty pissed! It was the slippiest gate known to m an (Yes, worse than Bolehills!) and also full of slimy mud, something had to give. Dagnammit!

Headed over to Yeadon for a little play session after and than was good fun, really like that track! And Lauren got her jump on there too and seemed to be buzzing off it. Some good pump races with Flem and the BB crew. Good banter too.
Afterwards a few of us hit the pub for us tea, was delicious. Right off to bed, dentist in the morning, gonna get stung, i can feel it in me waters!

Wanna hear something nice? Check out Owen. Loving it right now.

Also if anyone is a diesel engine expert my glowplug light comes on for about a minute after start up, cause for concern? I've heard horror stories on Vitos regarding the glowplugs. Argh!

The sign on the devil?

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