Tuesday, 12 February 2008

On the bubble!

Awesome day, good session in the gym before work, hit 110, not quite my PB but after getting sick last week it has given me the confidence to step it up before i head to France. Heavy squat and deadlift session, left me feeling super wobbly! Had a little road ride at dinner to spin my legs out, such an awesome day it'd have been rude not to! I popped home and caught up with British Cycling coach Jez Hayes, shot the shit for a bit and then got back on the bike and headed back to work - sigh.

Tonight I hit Mansfield random gates, floodlit for extra dizzle! It was a sick session with the track running super smooth and fast, no wind (gasp!) and a good crowd. My gates were on point and the session was good fun,  stoked about that!

Headed back to 51JR and we had a BBQ, it was ace. Alec came up trumps - thanks bro! 

Less than 2 weeks to the France roadtrip, man, I cannot wait! :)

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