Monday, 11 February 2008

Summer vibin'

This weekend was nothing short of awesome! I pretty much kept it on the D-L in the evenings, in an attempt to save money and also keep myself in tune, partying hard, as much fun as it is, and as much as i love it, has to take a back seat on the run up to China. I have a goal to be a consistent main maker here in the UK, and also to make the worlds main in 25-29. If i did that, all my work will have paid off, and i'd pretty much be stoked!

Alec came back last night and his weekend sounded hectic, i was pretty jealous as its been a while since i got real loose, but they'll be some big summer sessions to let my hair down and smash the lot up!

So Saturday we had the O2 presentation day at Bolehills, i was there for almost 7 hours and i loved every second, it couldn't have been a nicer day, perfect clear skies, loads of people sessioning, familiar faces and some guys putting in the miles to be there, it didn't go unnoticed, and thank you!

I think everyone had a wicked day, we did the cheque presentation and i'm hoping some cool pictures were taken. The star paid us a visit which was sweet and i did a little interview for Radio Sheffield, which, although terrifying, it was quite exciting! I had about 5 seconds worth of airtime, hitting the big time for sure!

On Sunday we were up super early, Lauren had her MX bike and was hyped to ride, so we roadtripped it along with Warren and Dev to the Desert, we arrived to be greeted by the po-lice and we were told if we rode, they'd impound the bikes, it wasn't worth the risk so we jogged it on and went to worksop instead. It was a mint day and it was incredibly busy, but I absolutely love riding motor bikes, they are flippin' awesome! Lauren seemed to have fun and was shredding on her old bone shaker, Dev on his mini moto and Warren on his factory KX 250f, the bike of my dreams! I rode whatever i could get my hands on, a hella lot of fun. I was Buzzing!

Sunday night i hooked up with Will and Greg and hit the movies along with Casper, it was good fun! i feel exhausted today, so planning on an early night then hitting gym in the morning. I didn't get anywhere near my target on Thursday night, i wasn't ready for it, so this week i'll be dropping the weight a bit, get my confidence back up and then hopefully thursday hit a new PB.

I'll put some pictures up later, there not up on the mainframe yet!

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