Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Well its been 2 weeks since i did my hand, and i'm pretty stoked at how well the hand and the rest of me has healed up.

A positive attitude will get you everywhere you wanna go!

Just had an awesome sprint session and i'm feeling pretty good on my bike, 3 sets of 4 downhill with no recovery between reps and only a few minutes between the sets! The wind hasn't chilled yet, but my little private sprint straight is pretty well sheltered, so alls good! Wish i had a little stumpy gate up there..

Round one of the Summer (ha!) regionals are this weekend in Bulwell, i shan't be clipped in for that! ha ha. Lets hope for good weather.

Going to watch semi pro tonight, i love Will Ferell and i'm pumped! Let's get sweaty, let's get real sweaty, like a rainforest sweaty!

ciao ciao mon amies!

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