Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The National Circus is Coming to Town!


Counting down the days until the national and i'm pumped! Been riding as much as i can over the last 10 days or so, sprints, turbo, night road rides with steve Taylor, been a good few days. I'm feeling good for it, and after getting hooked up by my team manager Rich Camm the Urbanair crew is going to be looking legit - believe that!

We got a full 360 kit in black pinstripe and its the bees knees, i also got myself a nice new V3 helmet, check it.. Balling!

So the weekend was alright some digging at Bolehills on Saturday and then a little ride, followed by a good session at Rotherham with Tuffy and Fos, followed by an intense session of sprints with Tuffy himself, who'd have thought it eh?! The poor lad was struggling after, but it was no joke of a set, and full commitment from the lad, hes rocking elite this year and i got high hopes for him, he's so fast right now. Backing you every step of the way bro!

Sunday there was a regional at Bulwell whch probably wasn't the best pre national warm up, it was hardly stacked, even though i had some fun, it has the shadiest gate in the world, you'd be a fool to snap (or rollback - pah!), Tuffy wasn't and still managed to go over it hurting his wrist again and calling it a day. So i stuck around and man did it drag, but it was okay, I managed to win everything motos and final, but as i said, it wasn't that busy.. I was rocking the flats too, for one day only, that gate is mank!

So the clips are back on and in 2 days time i'll be heading down to Burnham to get messy in 19+, what can I say but i'm pumped!

Bring it!


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