Thursday, 10 April 2008

Balls to the Wall..

Been an intense couple of days, rode Bolehills Monday evening and even though it was super cold it was good to get out and breathe some clean air and catch some flow time, nothing like it to clear the mind.

Tuesday I hit the increasingly popular Mansfield gate sessions, loads in attendance, some good gates and maximum effort from lots of riders, people wanting to step it up, some of the yoots from the Bulwell club are coming on strong and making an impression on me. These kids haven't got a great deal of money or support but they have a great deal of passion, drive and enthusiasm, and that matters a lot more than the blingest bike, or the shiniest helmet. Bulwell have an amazing community vibe, something that I know i'd love to have for Sheffield club. Tuffy and I did some 75% effort full laps Tuffy 4, DC 5, just to shut 'im up! Had some mint gates and i'm pumped for Cheddar in a few weeks!

Heard Marcos still doing big squats, chill now dude, get them lumps of muscle up to speed, or you'll be blowing up at the back of the pack!

Wednesday was over to Chesterfield for a mint session, very few in attendance the profile needs to be raised. Wednesdays are all about chesterfield, thats how we roll, be there! 6 full laps at 75% i was wasted afterward! We did some gates with no sound and that added a cool element, i have always listened and thought i'd struggle bad without, but i could react to the lights okay and my gates weren't too far off normal. We went back to having the sound on before the end of the session so it didn't balls me up too bad! Good to try something new though! 2 mint hours, gotta love the longer days.

Bolehills tonight, all the cool kids are there, so come along if you can. We plan to start doing gates in the next couple of weeks. Be-lee that.

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