Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Taking the rough with the smooth..

Been a good week and an okay weekend filled with some high points and some low points. Very low points. But i'm just going to keep myself busy and keep occupied and push myself 100% at everything i do, throw in some extra laps, extra reps and do it until I fail. I hope you can do the same.

The weekend it was alecs birthday and we headed out to have a few drinks, nothing too heavy and celebrate his coming of age in style, Alec was mash up and had to go home at about 12:30 ha ha, all those rum and cokes did you in player! Everyone was out in the place, Warren, Cooper, Lauren, Hannah, Westwood, Key Ipswich Players, Will Cash Money and Dave Cash Money all throwing shapes and having a good time. Saturday was pretty much just rubbish with bad weather keeping us locked down indoors, I achieved nothing, but it was nice to rest up a bit. The week previous i'd pushed it every night Bolehills x 3, Mansfield and Chesterfield, so my legs were hurting a bit.

Sunday morning woke to a light dusting of snow, so Rotherham was on, not many in attendance, and it was super cold, but i got all factoried up and played it cool. Tuffy took the win in the main with me in 2, Adam C in 3 qand Jessop in 4. Damn Tuffy's fast, i'm lucky to get to ride with him as much as i do, as having someone to chase can only make you stronger and faster. Hopefully. It was my first race clipped in and it felt okay to be honest, no unclips and no mistakes, so that boosted my confidence, for sure.

Registered for Germany Euros and China Worlds, just have a few more logistical things to sort then i can get my head straight and get my focus on.

Mansfield tonight, dropping the hammer!

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