Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Fun in the Forest!


Been a week or so since Burnham and things have been pretty awesome. The clocks went forward on Sunday and this means after work i can get an hour or 2 in before dark, tres bien!

The week after Burnham was full throttle, i took monday to chill and catch up with some sleep do some odd jobs and sort my life out a bit, i have a to do list as long as my arm and striked through a bunch of stuff. Lists help me remain focussed and organised, and i love feeling of striking through a bunch of stuff at one time. I realise i'm incredibly lame, and i await your cruel taunts. If it weren't for lists however, i'd be in a bad way!

Tuesdsay i hit Mansfield with Tuffy and the crew, busted out out some full lap efforts before dark and then did gates under floodlights, just concentrating on the first 10 metres, I had the clips back on and was feeling a bit more confident on them and besides a few clip outs i felt like i was pulling. Wednesday an upper bosy and core session, and thursday a night road ride with Steve and Jordan, I'm getting back into the road bike, i love the feeling of smooth tarmac! :)

It was big W's birthday on thursday so we hung out at my crib, ate some good food with the lovely wife to be Hannah, and played some Wii, i pretty much schooled those suckers. Friday we headed to TGI fridays for some good food and banter! Afterwards Warren, Cooper, Mason and I headed to town it was a good laugh until I got chucked out of Embrace after 30 minutes of piss taking. The final straw was me executing a clean jump over a balcony, the doormen didn't take too kindly to it all. Shame.

Saturday was grim, but i still got my ride on at Bolehills and then Rotherham, got a good couple of hours under my belt, for the condtions i was just happy to have gotten out! I headed to Manchester that night and hooked up with Dave and Will, picking me up in supreme style Dave was whylin' out in his pimped S3 and i was stoked! We hit the party scene nothing too heavy but was a good laugh and i managed to go a night without any altercation!

Sunday was a dream day, beautiful blue skies, a light wind, a mild temperature we headed to Wharncliffe to ride some downhill, i have little to no experience of this type of riding especially on big bouncy bikes, but i had a lot of fun out of comfort zone! Dave let me hang on to the bike so hopefully go shred some more next week, mint!

This week its gates, sprints, plyo, core and upper body, hectic! A to the T's birthday on Friday so a little party for sure! Ride a bit saturday and get measured up for my suit for Big Ws wedding - big pimpin'! Finally Rotherham regional on Sunday.. Snap!


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