Monday, 28 April 2008

The Coming of Age..

Well I turned the big 26 this weekend, and to be honest it was a pretty uneventful birthday weekend, a couple of beers Friday night with Terry and the gang spinning some electro-grime in the Cheddar bar area, but sadly there was very few up in the place and any shape throwing would have resulted in strange looks and likely removal from said establishment, rather than extra shape throwers getting into things, so i retreated to the van for some smooth grooves and pro sleep.

Saturdays weather was great, although there was quite a side wind which made things interesting, I had some good gates which out weighed the bad ones and it was awesome to catch up with a some old faces that always hit Cheddar up. Good to see PT back on his bike and looking as smooth as ever, Gunner was up in the place along with some of the other segment soilders, full hardcore hobbbies contingency, but no stoney - where you at Brother?! So it was good fun, after our practice session we sneaked another half hour just sending the 3rd straight, it flows real nice and the wind had dropped which made it good fun. My birthday evening was spent nursing a pint, along with a cavery and an early night, sheeeeeee-it, you know how I do! Was funny sitting in with Boota (on the FAXE - the only beer with its own theme song 1 litre cans!) and Cal, funny yoots fo sho!

Sunday morning I got up nice and early to get everything sorted in good time, I was feeling alright and the weather looked awesome, clear blue skies and a very slight breeze, perfect! 19+ had 29 rders, this meant 13 would be dropped for the semis, I managed a 3rd and a 2nd and then made a balls up of my 3rd moto and got a 6th. I had 11 points and qualified 16th! This is proof if ever of how damn close 19+ is, usually you're safe on 12 points, but a couple who had 12 were dissapointed to find they had been moto'd. I was grateful for my first 2 moto rides!

Semi finals came round and having the pleasure of gate 8 I managed a minter and pulled over to the middle, only to get caught in 1st turn traffic, and come out too slow for the second straight, this resulted in a bit of a rodeo and me finishing 5th. Eurgh! I managed to redeem myself slightly and win the B main though, which cheered me up a little. But only a little. Scott Waterhouse took the win again after putting the big guy Michael Pinnock over the last turn (he was on point ALL day!) other notable mentions go to Chad for winning a 19+ moto and making the main and finishing 2nd and to the Trickster for making his first 19+ A main and finishing 4th!

check my report here.

Other awesome news was Tuffy taking the Elite win. Amazing ride from the rad kid on flats. The joint went crazy for him! Well done bro!

Tuffy doing the business!