Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Hold onto your hats!

So here it is.. The 2008 Worlds track in Taiyuan China. Whoa Mumma!

I'm pretty stoked on it, it looks long, technicial and has a reasonably steep start hill. The start hill i'm not so fussed with, i've always preferred flatter hills, but i'm sure the steeper hill will make racing fast and exciting into turn one.

345m too, a long old track, hopefully it'll flow and the UK representatives will bring home some bacon!

Currently reading Sir Ranulph Fiennes autobiography, its a hell of a read and anyone looking for inspiraion towards anything will be hard put not to find it in this book. I'm going to strive to never complain about being tired, hungry or cold ever again!

Had a quick session at Bolehills and it was good fun, threw in some turbo laps, some double manuals and then some boosts for the fun of it. Gotta love it. Hitting Chesterfield tonight for some gates, just a light session to keep things on point for Cheddar, I'm pumped for that 1st corner!

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