Monday, 21 April 2008

A gentle week..


Hasn't been the best weekend for BMX for me, infact, its been pretty weak, but no doubt good to have a little time off the little bike. Sometimes a little time away from something can help you regain some focus and drive. The weather has been pretty awful and uninspiring so instead of hitting the track or sprints i decided to join my buddies and head out into the peaks for an epic day of cross country. We did an awesome 3 hour loop taking in some amazing descents and some teeth clenching climbs. It was a lot of fun and totally exhausting, but the downhills made it all the worth while. On the squad was OC, Big Dave, The German, OC mk. II, The Jew and myself, an eclectic mix, but the banter and spirits were high, even as we were climbing into winds that were almost inverting my eyelids!

Sunday was a whole lot of nothing, chilling out and being completely lazy, Coppull had a race, but wasn't into getting out of that bed in a hurry, the rain pattering against the window pane and the wind howling like a banshee. I had a reasonably BMX filled week, so wasn't too bummed about having a chill day. This week i have to take things a little easier as Cheddar national round 3 is this weekend, and I want to be as fresh as possible for that.

Still no news on the Charge, fingers crossed i'll hear something this week!

Just realised there is just over 4 weeks until I leave for China and I have a lot of things to sort before then, deeeee-amn! Best get to it!

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