Friday, 18 April 2008

Doing it until failure.

It hasn't been easy this week, the weather has been all over the shop, but i want to be out on my bike and pushing myself every day, regardless of the weather. It isn't pleasant, it isn't a great deal of fun, but i know its doing me good, and its making me stronger.

Bolehills has held up real well against the weather after our digging efforts last week, i did some spade work Monday and then rode there Tuesday in the rain again, it was feeling fast and smooth, so i got some full laps in, which are intense at the Hills! Wednesday night I hit chesterfield gates and busted out 6 full laps, which left me feeling pretty exhausted but satisfied that i'd again pushed myself hard. In amongst the laps i did a load of gates, some pump races and some variations on the starts, i.e no lights/no sound, no nothing, which scared the hell out of you! A good session FO SHO!

Rode up to Bolehills on Thursday and just had an hour before the cold and horizontal rain set in and i cleared out, was happy i got some bike time though. Thrown in some upper body and core work too this week, pushing it until failure, if nothing comes of China at least i'll have a ripped body on the beach for Warrens stag do - ha ha!

Not sure what to do this weekend, a few things going on here and there, but might stay local and save fuel and energy, the next 2 weekend are mad busy, Cheddar and then Germany.. Sheeeeit!

This week my buddy Shaun Issit took a big fall and did his shoulder in at Crewe, healing vibes to you brah!

Do it until you fail. Out.

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sutty said...

you ready for Cheddar DC? Its gonna be mint!