Sunday, 13 April 2008

Putting in the work, reapin' the rewards..

Shitty weather again this weekend, kinda sucks, but at least i can get some riding in during the week when the weather gets much better - typical eh?! Saturday I rode downhill bikes with John and Dave White at a secret track out in the peaks and it was hectic! I had a lot of fun, but i was losing my cool a bit with the fact i had no grip.. EVER! It was the hardest course I've ever ridden, and not because there was any big jumps, or drops, or gaps, but just cos i couldn't grip the bitch! But still had a bunch of fun in the mud (lots of mud) and got ragg-idy! Afterwards we washed our bikes in a raging river, and i felt pretty down with nature at that point! Awesome session!

Saturday night it was Will Westwoods birthday and so we headed out for a coupla drinks, it was good fun, i only had a few bevvies mixed in with lots of sneaky water, keepin' my focus, and my party side in full effect! Some funny things went down, and it was cool to cut loose a bit.

Today i got up nice and early and headed to Bolehills to get my dig on. We had about 10 hands on deck, 1 barrow and 1 whacker plate and we pretty much resurfaced 50% of the track, which i was stoked with. We had a quick hour ride afterward, it and it felt sick! Pumped for some sessions this week. Thank you to everyone who came and helped, you guys rule!

BMX, the tightest of tight mutual bonds.

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