Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bolehills Bonanza!

Been a good week, after my rubbish efforts at Germany and the sad news about Frank I can look ahead and move forward. Had 2 really good gate sessions at Mansfield and Chesterfield and tonight a 3 hour long session in the sun at Bolehills. Everyone was there and the session went OFF! Afterward a few people fired up the BBQs ad the tunes (courtesy of Phils blinged out Vito) and got things going, thanks for the food guys! Joe himself was up in the area and bought along pre-prepared mussels and king prawns, he had the BBQ ting dialled in - be-lee that! I made do with minimum carbs, plenty of salad and a couple of nice sausages and a burger, it did the trick.. I may have had a mussel or 3 too. Minter!

I love Bolehills and the vibe thats created up there sometimes. Its laid back and chilled yet you can get your race head on and lay it out race style at maximum speed, i felt confident in the turns in my clips in the loose dirt and got raggedy a couple of times but never went too far. Was ace. Can't remember when i did a 3 hour sesh and didn't get a bit bored!

Jim had a big fall and did his head a treat, his potty rolled back as he went down and left him exposed, looked very nasty and I hope you're doing alright mate.

Friday tomorrow, then I think a session at Crewe on Saturday followed by Mansfield for the regional race on Sunday, should be a sweet weekend!


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