Monday, 12 May 2008


Sometimes when you're feeling a little down about things, all it takes is a good session to bring things back around, a session where things come together to get out of that rut and move forward. This weekend was absolutely awesome for a number of reasons, I spent some good time with my friends, I spent a lot of time outdoors, in the sunshine and in the warm summer air, i got to ride my bike lots, and even get my climb on. Stoked!

To be honest it'd been a pretty rad week, but the weekend just pulled it all together for me. Friday night I had my first outdoor climbing experience and it was awesome, so much better than indoors. A lot more grip to be had, natural holds and tough gritstone to get your mits into, it was perfect. There was complete silence at Millstone edge in Sheffield and I climbed some good routes that I didn't think i'd be able to get up when I first arrived, a good 3 hour session lead to a big appetite and very sore hands!

Sending the triple!

On Saturday I headed to Crewe with Warren to ride the recently revamped track. It is pretty gnar and definately not a track whereby you could arrive and nail things first off. It took me a while to adapt to the steepness but I was soon feeling it and after umming and arring at the first straight triples i sent them and it was an amazing feeling! Warren took some great pictures and i'll add them when i get the chance. MX supremo Warren was getting into things after a long break from his BMX and it was good to see him catching some air and enjoying the little wheels again. He also had his first experience of random starts, definately not something you can get to grips with in one session! We stayed for about 4 hours and it was a sweet session, a definate confidence boost and a lot of fun!

Triple - Thanks Warren!

After we drove back to Sheffield Warren and I hit up Dev Green with some coffee and watched the world (see girls) go by. You gotta love summer! We chilled there for a bit then popped in to see my Brother from Another Mother Will. We shot the shit for a while then decided to have a BBQ 51JR style, so off we went for steaks and salad (no carbs!) it was a real treat and i had a chilled beer to wash it down, I felt I had earned one!

Sunday I got up early and headed to Mansfield the weather was again absolutely perfect. And with over 200 riders up in there is was almost like a mini national! TM Rich Camm was there with the Urbanair stall set up and looking pretty factory with his new bench seats, he was running about like a bluearse fly but business is booming, good on you TM, and thanks for everything, the little things and the big things, they all mean so much.

A pretty stacked 17+ class with 29 riders, including Alan hill, Tuffy, Cal Strickland, Jessop, Barnard, Steve Williams, Tom Palmer, Andy Shaw, Tricker and lots of others. The motos proved pretty hard I managed a 2 4 2 which i was happy with but ended up with gate 8 in the semi. Its a long way round but can be good to make last minute swoops when everyone is making moves up the turn. I got a good gate pulled over a few lanes to get a better line, i dived in and everyone moved up as predicted but I didnt race it smart and really should have held off a little and dove into the inside. Instead i got held up and didn't have a good line for the rest of the track, but boy was it tight! So into the B final for me. I wasn't too fussed I knew I'd rode well all day and all week, it was a hard semi and it is all practise for the national there next week. I managed a 2nd in the B final.

Semi shot by Abi -Check her site out, plenty fresh flavours!

One pretty shitty thing is pro UK nice guy Kelvin Batey has had his funding pulled by BC therefore diminishing his chance of attending the worlds in China, which is his only opportunity to gaining a place into the olympics in Beijing. Kelvin is the peoples pro, a damn nice guy who has helped me out a great deal in the past, as he has a lot of people. People were making pledges by the end of the day to get Kelvin to China and represent. You deserve to be there, holding it down and doing your thing. You've worked too damn hard for too long to have the opportunity of a lietime quashed. Fuck them and do your thing, we got your back bro!

A fantastic weekend, full of highs and a minimum amount of lows. As it should be.


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