Sunday, 8 June 2008

Scream if you wanna go faster!

Pretty blogged out right now after my mammoth China one!

Chesterfield national was today plenty of thrills and spills i made the main and finished 5/6 not quite sure as it was a little close! 28 riders in the class today which was good, plenty of speedy dudes and some good racing for sure. scott waterhouse was back on form and took the win, good work fella!

Tuffy was mental in Elite, i've never really seen him pissed off before and he dealt out some blows today! One crazy youth for sure. I might buy him some knee pads for Christmas too. He'll be a wreck if he ain't careful. We'll be doing sprints in a street near you soon, Tuffy and DC on the war path!

I'm pretty flat, back to reality tomorrow at work. Sheesh.

Over and out!

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