Tuesday, 17 June 2008

All up in the grime!

Been having a bit of fun since Chesterfield, hit the Tuesday club with Will Cash Money, Lucy and Greg for some low down grime supplied by Oris J and Mary Ann Hobbs, was quite a treat! Some fresh D&B in room 2 supplied by London elektricity to get the liquids flowing also. I had a good night and kept it clean with just a couple of G&Ts so keeping it lo-cal and on lock for the racing!

Rest of the week I was quite busy with work, but the time flew by and the weekend was soon upon me, i headed home and caught up with the Fam and it was pretty good. Always great to see my folks and have home comforts. It was a little sad not having Frank bumbling at my feet, and he is definately missed by everyone.

On Saturday i rode at Dahenham and had one of the best sessions there yet, CK Flash did a training session and it was seriously good, focussing on skill work and we threw down a timed lap, i was back on my flats but still put in a fast lap beating the majority of riders except Dan Whyte and Lee Baker who were flying, and took 5 seconds off their previous attempts. I finished off the day busting it over the big double on the second straight which i've never done before, not because its too big, but the preceeding jumps are so small its difficult to carry speed through it. But I though funk it, so i did it, I was pleased i got that one outta the way now!

Saturday night my Brother came round as it was his birthday we had some good food, talked about old times and caught up, it was nice and ran on quite late, we then watched a sick film. Into The Wild. Check it out, inspiring stuff for sure.

Sunday i headed to Peterborough i was feeling flat and a bit slow, i need to chill for a bit i think! I managed to do okay getting 3 1 4 in motos a 4 in the semi and finishing 5th in the main. Not a bad day, I was on the flats too which made a nice change, i was pooped. Headed back to sheffield and drove Abbie T home, where her Mum prepared the biggest dinner i've ever had, it was awesome, and I was stoked!

This week chilling it down, some light skill work and a few laps then off to Ibiza on Thursday night for Warrens stag do.. Gonna be Kkkkkrrrazy!

Full reports, or maybe, not so full, when I return!


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