Thursday, 19 June 2008


Had a chilled week catching up with sleep and getting some bits finally sorted after putting them off and off for so long. Team Rad is off to Ibiza tonight, 3 nights of chaos and carnage! On the trip, the stag and bride to be - Warren Harper, Myself, A to the T, The OC, Mason,, Pete and Russ. Messy will about cover it, and we should have an awesome time i'm sure.

Get back 4am on Monday morning, sleep that bad boy off and get ready for some flat pedal action at Hartlepool the following weekend for more national fun.

Rode Bolehills for an hour last night and it was a good session trying new lines through the last straight and pedal manuals over the first one, which i've never done before either.

Aaaah, Ibiza.


I LOVE YOU said...


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