Friday, 27 June 2008

Blow Your Whistles!


Ibiza was off the chain! An awesome weekend away with some of the funnisest yoots in the game! We had an awesome time, no clashing, just full on laugh a minute partying, swimming, dancing and beaching it up - Perfect - o! On our first day we hired scooters and roadtripped the island, we found a secluded beach which had rocks to jump in off, and it was amazing, we swam about a quarter of a mile to an island off shore and it was mint, a side of Ibiza i'm sure 90% of the ravers don't see! We headed back and grabbed some food, Mason, pro MX rider and mentalist swerved a manhole and ate shit, the moped had the throttle stuck wide open, crowds shot out of their seats to see what had happenned, hands clasped to their mouths in disbelief, cue an entourage of rouges rolling in on 6 other mopeds laughing hysterically and pointing, moments before he's been busting donuts out stating how good he was on 2 wheels. Can i ride a motorbike? CAN I, ride a motorbike?!

Awesome. We did a couple of big nights out, rolling heavy on the gaza strip we owned that night and then hit Hed Kandi hard on the saturday night. Something i'm not normally into but the groups vibe was hot and i could have been listening to triple speed swedish grindcore techno and i'd have still had an amazing night. We partied to sunrise, popping the collar off an ice cold Sol at 6:30am.


We then headed back and spent our last day at this awesome beach, clear blue sea and white sandy beaches, it was perfect! I felt a million bucks after an hour long dip. I was totally bummed this was our last day, but i'm stoked we were making the most of it.

The groom and the best man, suppin' Sols at 6:30am, we roll like that..

It was an awesome weekend away, with some of the freshest cats i know, Warren had an awesome time, and really, thats all that matters. We got your back Brother!

The wedding is a week on saturday, i got my suit yesterday and it fits a treat, stoked! I better get onto polishing the speech up for the big day! It's gonna be hectic bru!

Peeped AdULTHOOD last night with AT, big film, check it out.

Hartlepool national this weekend i'm just heading up for a bit of fun and something different, i'm just chilling for a few weeks now, i've kinda lost the love a bit recently, think things have been so awesome and hectic that it's drained me, and nothing can rouse me. Hopefully still get a good result and enjoy some Northern hospitality.

See ya'll about, a'ight!


Northern Monkey said...

Thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth mate! Good to know you're gonna be around this weekend, I think it will be interesting to say the least!

I LOVE YOU said...


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