Monday, 30 June 2008

Takes Outs and Piss Tests.

Scott and Myself leading out the 19+ big dogs!

Hartlepool national was quite different to any other national i'm likely to ever attend, its a track with 6 straights, 5 turns, built into quite a steep hill side, there were plenty of moves being thrown down in every corner, in pretty much every race. Heavy hitters went out in many classes due them falling victim to a sneaky inside line, or simply washing out. I'm kinda glad I have Bolehills dirt turns to practise on, and didn't feel too loose whilst trying to keep low and dug in. If you could corner. You had it.

Thanks to Rich Eames for this one!

Bad news came in the form of Tuffy smashing himself big time in to the floor. It was pretty awful and it took him some time to come around and get with it, he didn't get up straight away like he normally does. So i knew it was bad. Turns out other than many scrapes and bruises and a serious concussion he broke his good wrist. Damn man, get well soon.

Laurence Mapp qualified for the spot to race in Aigle for a chance at Olympic glory. Congratulations! He didn't have it easy though with Harry Britt making the trip over from the states to have a pop, and the hungry Dan Whyte. Laurence kept his cool and managed to do the business come final time.

Gamble attempting to bust a move on Harry Britt - Sick photo!

Kelvin apparently broke his hand riding Aigle, but recent news comes in just bad bruising and swelling and he'll be able to keep it on lock for the time trials next weekend and get himself to the Olympics. You've done the hard work, you deserve to go.

19+ was quite low in numbers 13 in fact, but at least we didn't have grand prix racing like many other classes. I struggled to be honest, getting out in front then getting boomed left right and centre most motos. I got a 4 4 3 and qualified 6th with 4 others on 11 points. Tight! Scott Waterhouse, current 19+ leader had a bad day also and went out on 13 points to the B final, but locked it down to win it.

The final was messy I fell asleep and was at the back, but railed turn one and pulled in the gap on the 2nd & 3rd straights, fallers in the 2nd and 3rd turns saw me move up to 5th and it was down to the wire with Chadwick and Hodge, but they got it ahead of me so i'll settle for 5th, tight stuff!

After the race, the winner, Flemdog and myself got dragged away for a piss test, a bizarre experience! I had to Pee into a cup with some old guy watching me, then seperate it into 2 vessels that get sent away for testing. Plus filling out a million forms and cross checking everything. Can't see any 19+ yowths busting out the performance enhancing drugs somehow! ha ha.

Some time on the road bike this week to ponder and recover. Maybe hit Mansfield or Chessy for gates too.