Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Derby BMX

We've had perfect weather this week, so i've been making the most of it! Rode Bolehills Monday eve, which i must say is running super smooth. I think 2 weeks time i'm going to organise a work party to get the rest of that dollar down, do some weeding and strimming and get it looking good in time for our regional. I'd really like it to go well. I'm also very interested in getting a good PA for the day and having some good music and maybe throwing down a BBQ. Just ideas, what do people think?

Good news in the shape of Kelvin back on the bubble in Aigle, the offending jump has been sorted and he's snapping the French as I type. Do the business brah!

Rode Derby last night, only 2 straights are finished, well, 1 and 3/4 and they are quite possibly the best straights in the UK right now. Great turns, great shapes, all from the first build, now thats what i'm talking about. JC along with Clarke, Kent and some rad dude that flips shady council built spines are working on it, and they're killing it.

Lovely start hill, roller at the bottom, a large step up, over a massive roller, then a roller onto a table with a double on top, followed a large triple step up into the first turn.

Out of that is a triple, then a mammoth roller into 3 progressivley larger doubles with seriously tight bowls between them. If you can picture it the pro line is the skyline, mammoth roller into double, then deck to deck along the top - SHEESH!

I got it all done apart from the double into turn 2, but it hadn't been sorted yet. I was pumped and stoked on the session and I felt really good on the bike again, something i've not felt since China! Lauren and Ryan and the other Derby guys are onto a good thing, and i can see me becoming a regular once its done, 45 minutes door to door isn't so bad, and man, it is worth it!

I'll just be chilling for the rest of this week, maybe a road ride or 2 before the wedding, just play it safe and practise my speech as much as i can. It's get nervous time.


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