Monday, 7 July 2008

Wedding Bells and Gin & Tonic Tales

This weeekend was the wedding of Warren and Hannah, and it was an absolutely awesome day! We went out for a shandy or 2 on Friday night and Warren was cool as a cucumber, we went into town and caught up with Steve Taylor and those guys who were having another stag do before steve gets wed in a matter of weeks. They were all pretty mash up! Warren played it cool and just had a couple of beers, i had a mini-mash up and had a quality time. Good to see everyone out in full force and getting in to the swing of things.

Saturday morning i organised breakfast, with croissants and fresh coffee and again, Warren was totally cool and chilled. We had a lazy morning watching surfing videos with Warrens old friend from SA Colin, who was staying at mine for the weekend. He has travelled the world shooting a body boarding movie in some of the worlds hottest surf locations for his movie Don't Stop Dreaming, we watched a snippet teaser and i must say it is absolutely awesome. A super cool guy with some amazing stories to tell, and completely living out his dream. Awesome.

We got on our suits and we all looked fresh to def! I didn't take any pictures but many were taken, plenty by who was the Official wedding photographer on the day and i'm pretty pumped to see what he got! A few shots by the OC too, so i'll see if i can get a good group shot of us up here soon.

We walked to the Church and mingled and awaited Hannah to arrive. Warren, Myself, Dev and Hannahs brother Tom walked to the front of the church and stood waiting, when Hannah walked through to the Live version of Coldplays - Yellow, it was a pretty big moment. Warren looked to have had the wind taken out of him and his expression said it all. A moment I shan't forget. The service was awesome and everything went well, i didn't lose the rings, no one fainted, and no one messed up any of thier roles, it was perfect.

We then went and had pictures over at the Botanical Gardens and the weather held out for us. We then headed to the reception and had Pimms and some wine, the food was delicous, and there was plenty of wine for everyone. I mingled most of the day between jobs and errands and met some really cool people, enjoyed some good chats and everyone was in super high spirits. I was pretty nervous about my speech, but after Hannah's Dad's speech and Warrens semi-adlibbed piece i was feeling alright. Warrens was going to be a tough act to follow though, he gave an awesome one and was totally chilled with it all.

My speech couldn't have gone better though, i read some messages from people that couldn't be there, and that let me overcome my initial nerves, and my speech rolled out nicely, i got some good laughs and Warren and Hannah really like it. I got some praise afterwards and sank about 4 bottles of stella in as many minutes, ice cold beer never, ever tasted so good! We had a bit of a party there but things wrapped up at 11. Hannah and Warren harper shot off to get their grind on, and we headed into town, me still in the top coat and tails! BAM! it was super funny and I got pretty mashed up, but it was a lot of fun for sure. An awesome day, and I wish Warren and Hannah the very best, for a long, happy future together. Oh Yeah!

On Sunday I felt a little rouge, and along with the rain when i got out of bed decided not to race. I ran a few errands and got to Rotherham for about 1pm, they still hadn't started racing, so i caught up with Paddy and Pete and chatted about the wedding and had a laugh, i decided to so the commentary and supply the beats. MC D-Child performed well, but wasn't his full self with W-Bomb reppin' with him. He'll have been in the airport lounge heading off to his honeymoon to get at it like rabbits. Probably.

Anyway other than the odd hectic shower, the day went well i even managed to get an hours ride in and actually felt good on my bike, i should have raced! Ha ha.

In work now and its rubbish, the weather ain't all that, so i'll be making the most of the wet ground and getting my dig on at the hills later - Be-lee that.

Over and Out x

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