Monday, 14 July 2008


Well, it's been a bit since the last update, apologies, things have been pretty hectic, but its been good. It was nice to take some time away from the bike and hang with my amazing friends and get a little bit merry.. Not falling off the wagon proper, not like Marco anyway..Ha!

So i've ridden a bunch of times mainly just Derby, Bolehills and a lil bit of Rotherham. The Derby sessions have been something else, i love that track and had an awesome session there last Thursday, loads were there, Marco, back on it for the first time after China, Clarke and bezzy mate Joe, those guys are livid! Bates back from injury and looking on it, Lauren and the Sheffield/Derby locals all laying it down and working the lines. I went again on Snday and the weather was awesome and Muzza added to the flava, along with boota and some of the other CGR crew! A good session, but i was fooked! Saturday i did and 8 hour session at Bolehills, it looks like another track, but it took its toll on me! Thanks to everyone that came and helped, Alex the Jew, Mooonbaay, The Taylors, Big Pete, PaulE, you guys all rock and i can't believe how much we got done!

The race should be good next week for sure - i'm pumped on it! I just hope we get a little bit of rain this week just so everything beds in nice.

Not a lot going on other than riding and digging. Warren and Hannah got back on Sunday and I caught up with them Sunday evening, they were glowing and it was great to have them back in Sheffield. We had an awesome curry and played guitar hero, a game at which i ofiicially suck at. I blamed my tired hands on my poor performance. Thanks for the watch man, its amazing, and I love it.

I bought Have Hearts new album along with Verse's new one too - intense straightedge hardcore that is flippin' hectic, and wonderfully brutal.. I got off the hardcore flavour for a bit, but i always got love for it.

A couple of the panoramics from Ibiza from RB.Coms site, you know how he do. plenty skills.

We got love for you if you got love for us! Out!

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